Applicant must have resided in Sheridan County for at least one year, be over the age of one, and under 21.

The applicant, parent, or guardian must fill out the application and supporting documents.

The applicant must show financial need.

All applications must have board approval prior to receiving any medical or dental care.

The B.F. and Rose H. Perkins Foundation, in its sole and absolute discretion, has the authority to determine whether a applicant meets qualifications for grant approval.


Medical Loan Application

Medical Aid

The Perkins Foundation funds medical, dental care, eye glasses, and hearing aids for children and young adults from ages one to 20. This foundation is privately funded and has limited resources. There are times not all applications can be funded, however, the Foundation is committed to funding in as many cases as possible and where the recipient shows financial need. The Perkins Foundation requests that all applicants complete an application form attached below. Applications are also available at the Foundation Office at 45 East Loucks, Suite 110. Each family is required to provide the most recent copy of their Federal Tax Return. If applicant, parent, or guardian has not filed a Federal Tax Return, please let us know.